ASSE 2012 - 13th Argentine Symposium on Software Engineering


JAIIO (Argentine Conference on Informatics) is one of the most significant conferences and prestige in the region, organized by SADIO (Argentine Society of Informatics) since 1961, with the participation of professionals from industry and academia.
ASSE 2012 (Argentine Symposium on Software Engineering) will bring together researchers, developers, and practitioners to discuss new ideas, problems and experiences in the field of Software Engineering. ASSE 2012 will be part of the 41th JAIIO. ASSE 2012 seeks original works in the wide spectrum of Software Engineering, from academic research to industrial and business applications with significant impact and lessons learned from application development.

Submission Categories

Submissions are invited in the following track categories:    

  • Full research papers: 15 pages maximum length
  • Experience Reports: 10 pages maximum length

For research papers we invite submissions describing original research results, case studies, and empirical studies. Some Full papers, which in the opinion of the committee, may be proposed as Short research papers with a maximum of 6 pages maximum length.

We encourage submissions relating to all aspects of software engineering, especially on topics of emerging interest. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:   

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Specification
  • Formal Methods
  • Verification, Validation and Testing
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Patterns and Frameworks
  • Reverse Engineering, Refactoring, and Evolution
  • Program Comprehension and Visualization
  • Tools and Environments
  • Development Paradigms and Software Processes and methods
  • Software Metrics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Web Engineering
  • Object Oriented, Component-based, Aspect-oriented, Service-oriented Software Engineering
  • Model Driven Engineering
  • Distributed Systems and Middleware
  • Mobile and Embedded Systems
  • Open Standards and Certification
  • Software Configuration and Deployment
  • Software Project Management

For experience reports we are inviting practitioners to present new advances or insights in software engineering methods, practices or tools. A contribution should consist of a brief explanation of the method, practice, or tool in question, a description of the context and particulars in which you have experience, the results you’ve achieved, and the lessons you and your organization have learned relative to this method, practice or tool, its applicability, its effectiveness, or insights on how to further improve it. In particular, the content must be practical and relevant, and be presented in a well-documented and thorough manner.

All papers must be written in English, Spanish or Portuguese. They will be reviewed by an international Program Committee, which will be composed of members from both Industry and Academia, so that research papers and experience reports can be evaluated by experts in the subject.  

Papers may be accepted for presentation as talks or as posters during the conference. All papers and experience reports will be published in SADIO Proceedings of the JAIIO. Best papers will be invited for publication in the Electronic Journal of SADIO.  

Important Dates

  • April 30th, 2012  : Deadline for submissions of papers  May 27th, 2012  *DEADLINE EXTENDED*
  • June 19th, 2012 : Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
  • June 30th, 2012 : Auhtor Registration
  • June 25th, 2012 : Deadline for camera ready submissions July 10th, 2012 *DEADLINE EXTENDED*

Submission Guidelines 

The versions submitted for review must be uploaded in .PDF format. The submission system will be opened for contributions shortly. The format for the camera-ready copy will be in Springer format, which can be found at The correct reception of a submission will be acknowledged immediately to the contact author.

Full research papers and experience reports: Submission must follow the following format: they must be written in English, Spanish or Portuguese, up to 15 pages for full papers and 10 pages for experience reports, 11 points font, times, A4 (210 x 297 millimeters) paper, including name, affiliation and address of the author/s, figures and references. Papers should also include keywords and an abstract of no more than 200 words. In case a Full Paper is accepted as a Short Paper, the format is the same as the Full Paper but restricted to 6 pages.

All the symposia at 41 JAIIO use SADIO's conference management system to handle submissions. To upload your contribution you first need to register and sign in. The following links provide detailed instructions about registration and submission, direct access to the user registration form, and direct access to the submission form. 

Detailed instructions about registration and submission (opens in a new window)

SADIO's Conference Management System registration page

Submission page (registered users only)

Program Committee



  • Ademar Aguiar (Universidad de Porto, Portugal)
  • Alejandra Cechich (GIISCo, UNComa, Argentina)
  • Alejandro Bianchi (Liveware, Argentina)
  • Carlos Camarao (Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil)
  • Carlos Kavka (ESTECO, Italia)
  • Chris George (Centre for Software Certification, McMaster University, Canada)
  • Clara Smith (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina)
  • Claudio Ochoa (INTEL Corp)
  • Elsa Estévez (International Institute for Software Technology, United Nations University)
  • Germán Montejano (Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina)
  • Gustavo Rossi (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina)
  • Hernán Astudillo (UTFSM, Chile)
  • Horacio Leone (Conicet - UTN – Fac. Regional Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • J. Andrés Díaz Pace (Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Jorge Boria ( Liveware Inc. USA )
  • José Angel Olivas Varela (Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, España)
  • Jose Monteiro da Mata (Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil)
  • Jozo Dujmovic (San Francisco University – USA)
  • Luis Olsina (Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, Argentina)
  • Manuel Alcino Cunha (Universidad de Minho, Portugal)
  • Manuel Perez Cota (Universidad de Vigo, España)
  • Marcelo Campo (Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Marcelo Frias (Instituto Tecnológico Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • María Alpuente (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, España)
  • Mario Beron (Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina)
  • Mario Piattini (Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, España)
  • Martín Musicante (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil)
  • Narayan Debnath (Winona University, USA)
  • Nora Szasz (Universidad ORT, Uruguay)
  • Omar Chiotti (Conicet, UTN Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Oscar Dieste  (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España)
  • Pablo Fillotrani (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina)
  • Pablo Michelis (INTEL)
  • Ricardo Orozco (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, Argentina)
  • Roberto Uzal (Universidad Nacional de San Luis – UBA, Argentina)
  • Roxana Giandini (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina)
  • Salvador Lucas (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, España)
  • Sergio Bandinelli (European Software Institute de Tecnalia)
  • Silvio Gonnet (INGAR Santa Fe – CONICET)
  • Tarcisio de Souza Lima (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brasil)
  • Tomasz Janowski (International Institute for Software Technology, United Nations University)
  • Victor Braberman (FCEyN, UBA, Argentina)
  • Wilson Pádua (Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil)



For further information, please contact:

 or refer to the website of JAIIO:

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